How to keep your valuables safe over spring break!

March 15, 2017


Spring break is always a much anticipated time for all University/College students, a week long break from the overwhelming stress of school work, projects and studying. Whether that’s going home for the week or going on vacation somewhere tropical, getting as far away from school is always a top priority.


One of the biggest problems with this mass migration of students leaving the city is that it creates the perfect opportunity for criminals. At some institutions, cases of theft hit their peak at spring break and there is a good reason why. With the majority of students leaving school, there is not only no one around to catch the crime, but also no one around to report it. If someone breaks into your dorm and no one realize until you get back a week later, chances are that whatever was stolen has long since been sold or shipped as far away as possible.


In order to help you keep your valuables safe while you are away for spring break here are a few tips:


  • Take all electronics and other personal items home with you (if possible). This one is a bit inconvenient, especially depending what your plans are. But if you are heading home, even to get a bathing suit for your trip, it isn’t a bad idea to leave your valuables in the care of your parents. If you can’t bring them home, give them to a friend who is staying around, or lock them up in a safe.





  • Have someone check up on your room. If you know people who plan on sticking around campus, ask them to swing by every day or two to check up on your place. That way at least if something does happen, it will be reported much sooner. Plus having someone come buy, increases the risk for someone looking to break in. Why would the risk getting caught by someone stopping by if they can just find another place that’s always empty?

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