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Necessity drives invention and innovation.

Through my experience at University, I learned first hand the challenges faced by students, parents, homeowners and businesses. Our products aim to help each one to give everyone a safe and secure place to store all their valuables & piece of mind.


- Matthew Schlotzhauer, Founder/CEO

All of our products are fully UL and CSA certified, made of the highest quality materials. We know that there can be no compromise when it comes to safety.

U-Safe is devoted to changing the way we keep things safe. Our goal is to give everyone a safe place to store their valuables. Our mission is to keep thing:



We work with schools, students, communities and cities to create a safer place to live.

Safes have been around for many years, but what does the modern consumer need? In my first-year business class at Wilfred Laurier University, we were required to create a new business and go through the process of defining a need and filling it. Through our research, we found that theft was a major problem, not just amongst university students living in residence but for businesses and homeowners as well.  The majority of theft was related to electronics (laptops, tablets and smartphones). Not only are they costly devices in themselves but the information they contain can be even more valuable. After 2 more years of schooling, and much market research we launched U-Safe with the idea to create the ultimate personal safe in security and usability. We then expanded to other areas of safety and security to provide people with the ability to shop for all their safety and security needs in one place.


- Matthew Schlotzhauer, Founder

Our Founder


“We purchased the safe for our office as a secure place for all of our employees to store their valuables. It works great! The built in charging outlet means that if we can still charge our electronics while they are safely locked away! "

Jim Freno

"I purchased a safe when heading to residence. It gave me peice of mind when ever I went out, or went home for the weekend."

Luke McKenzie

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